The Karo tribe is the smallest tribe in South Ethiopia that resides along the banks of the Omo River. Difficult living conditions has led to a serious reduction in the number of the tribe. Now their number is around 1000.

As well as many original tribes the Karo are distinguished by their manner to decorate their faces and bodies using white chalk and red ochre. The men paint themselves brighter than the women to look more attractive and courageous.

Karo people, EthiopiaThe Karo raise livestock, the men can also spend much time hunting. Women, for their part, handle domestic chores. Their activities also include currying. Some of the tribal men work in nearby towns, that is why they can’t be considered socially isolated. The Karo are absolutely friendly to European guests. The tribesmen are happy to accept clothes, jewelry and other attributes of modern life as a gift.

The desire to adorn themselves with bright accessoires is one of the most striking features of the tribal culture. Even the youngest members of the tribe wear all sorts of trinkets, beads and garlands made of insect wings. There are also several rifles given to the Karo by Europeans for the protection of cattle and territories. Even the weapons are decorated with markings. Travellers should definitely bring some money and presents for local residents. In this case, they will enjoy a warm Ethiopian welcome.

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