Bithanamba Tours is a professional Tour and Travel company in Ethiopia is founded after long time work and experience in Ethiopian tourism industry. Bithananba Tours team are ready to introduce this country, Ethiopia. If you are serious about knowing Ethiopia pickup your world map and find the continent of Africa, and just send your eyes to the eastern part of Africa, popularly known as to the horn of Africa, here you will find Ethiopia a country of great antiquity with a culture and traditions stretching back to 3000 years.


Combined Tour 33 Days

Combined Tour 33 Days

In this adventure, you will explore Erta Ale, absolutely unique Lava Lake erupting 24 hours and Dallol, the lowest part of Danakil Depression.

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Northern Ethiopia 18 Days

Northern Ethiopia 18 Days

This Ethiopian tour leads to the rich historical sites of Ethiopia passes through scenic highlands, gorges and spectacular panoramas.

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South Omo Valley 17 Days

South Omo Valley 17 Days

The Omo Valley in southern Ethiopia is a little visited area of Ethiopia containing some of the most colorful tribes and ethnic groups.

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Ethiopia is located in the Horn of Africa (Eastern Africa), with the Great Rift Valley at its centre with stunning scenery and one of the oldest sites of human existence in the world.


Over 80 linguistic groups exist in Ethiopia, representing four of the five Afro-Asiatic families of languages, including the Omotic language family found exclusively within the confines of Ethiopia.


Ethiopia’s topography consists of a central high plateau bisected by the Ethiopian segment of the Great Rift Valley in to the northern and southern highland and surrounded by lowlands, more extensive on the east & southeast than on the south & west.


Ethiopia uses the Ethiopian calendar, which dates back to the Coptic calendar 25 BC, and never adopted the Julian or Gregorian reforms. One Ethiopian year consists of twelve months.


Some 1600 years before his counterparts in Europe, the Ethiopian Saint Yared devised a musical notation in the 6th century for his stupendous repertoire of sacred music with finely choreographed sacred dance to go with it.


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